Roasted baby carrots
Post-ride Smoothie

Post -ride smoothie


Our lovely customers are as committed to fresh, delicious, local and sustainable produce as we are.  Here are some examples of their feedback, as well as photos they have taken using our produce. 

Quality and freshness

'I discovered this bag [of mixed lettuce] from Banjo's Paddock in the back of the fridge today. It must be at least 3 weeks old. A little bruising on some leaves, but still totally edible. I'd be lucky to get a week out of the same produce bought at a supermarket! So pleased with the quality & freshness of your produce. Can't recommend it highly enough!' Chelsi, working mother of two teenagers.

I'm dealing directly with the people growing and harvesting my food

'I have had a great experience dealing with you and your produce. I find the combination of good quality, variety and surprise of what you get each time really awesome.... As a customer I'm dealing directly with the people growing and harvesting, and I end up with a very high value experience that feels very honest.' Andre, chef and vegan.

Great for a post-ride smoothy

'Love my post-ride smoothie using Banjo's Paddock watermelon.' Regan, public servant and competitor in comps such as Iron Man,  tri-athlons and MONT 24 hr mountain bike.


Our kids are eating veggies!

'We used to struggle to get our kids to eat veggies - since we have started getting Banjo's Paddock [produce], they are eating heaps because they can taste the flavour - they are even taking salads to school for lunch!' Tim, business owner and dad to 11yr old and 9 yr old.


Top notch produce

Baby kale from #banjospaddock Yummy as. Big ups to Byron and his family for the top notch produce we get every week. Andre,  chef and BJJ blue belt.

Baby kale Bruschetta

Baby kale Bruschetta

Pan-fried radish