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subscription vegetable boxes

If you:

  • want to eat fresh, seasonal produce locally grown using organic principles

  • want to support your local farmer and reduce your food miles

  • like a wide variety of vegetables (as well as herbs and some fruit)

  • enjoy trying new foods as well as being prepared to find creative things to do with seasonal produce that you might get several times in a row

  • are available at a particular time each week to pick up your box

then our fresh produce boxes are for you!

Our weekly boxes are made up of the freshest veggies (as well as herbs and occasionally fruit - we're working on increasing our fruit production), harvested straight from our farm. Over seasons, the contents change depending on what's available to harvest. We post on our FaceBook site a couple of days before we harvest what we expect to be in the boxes (although occasionally we have to do last minute changes because we have less of something than we expected when we go to harvest - like the time the local ducks discovered and demolished our lettuce!). See below for more information.

By buying from Banjo's Paddock, you support a local family and your local economy and also reduce your food miles. By buying from a farm that uses organic principles (which means we use organic methods but aren't currently organically certified) you are also supporting us to look after the land for now and future generations.



In Australia, we are really fortunate that we have access to a huge range of food all year round that is in season somewhere else in Australia or overseas. However, traditionally people only had access to food from their local region that was in season at any one time. This means they had to be quite inventive about how they could eat the same thing in a variety of ways. It also means they had super fresh food, and a true appreciation for the changing seasons and the particular harvest each season brings.


We provide food seasonal to the Canberra region (cool temperate), so we provide produce that is in season for our area at the time; you won't see mangoes, avocadoes and bananas in our boxes!  As the seasons slowly change, you will notice you might get a particular item for several weeks in a row, or for only a couple of weeks, as is normal for local, seasonal produce. For instance, in spring, leafy greens will feature regularly while sugar snap and snow peas will only last a short amount of time. 

Fresh Produce box sizes and prices.

We offer two weekly box sizes, small and large, because we understand that not everyone eats the same amount of veggies and fruit.

As a rough guide, the small box generally provides around seven different types of produce, enough for 1-2 people per week*. The large box generally provides around 12 different types of produce, enough for a family of 2 -4 depending on the size of any children*.  The large box also often has additional items that you won't find in the small box because we try and provide a bit more variety using produce where we only have limited supplies of a couple of items rather than just double up on everything. 


As of April 2018, the small boxes are $20 and the large boxes are $40.

*As our boxes are truly seasonal to the Canberra region, it is assumed most people will still purchase some additional fruit and vegetables.

Ordering fresh produce boxes - subscription or casual?

We offer a subscription style system (which is a version of a Community Supported Agriculture or CSA model)  where subscribers pay for 10 weeks in advance of the season. Subscription boxes get priority in terms of our produce availability, before casual boxes or our market stall at Southside Farmers Markets.

Subscriptions provides greater certainty and reduces the administrative hassle of ordering each week for both you and us. Your subscription fees also show your commitment to Banjo’s Paddock, your local food producers, and provide us with up front funds to purchase things like seed and equipment before the season starts. Currently we offer subscriptions for the spring and summer seasons only as produce supply can be a bit lower over the cooler months so is not as reliable.

We also offer casual boxes when we have enough fresh produce left over after filling subscription boxes. Casual boxes suit those who are not able to commit to a subscription for whatever reason or would like to trial our boxes before committing to a subscription.  Casual boxes can be ordered online each week once our season opens; we generally post on Facebook when we have opened the week's boxes for purchase.

Spring 2018 Produce Box subscriptions - open for order soon!

Over the cooler months in 2018 we are offering casual weekly boxes with no subscription. This allows us to adjust to supply levels on a weekly basis since plants grow so much more slowly in the cold weather.   However, we'll be opening up subscriptions for spring in the next month or so - keep an eye on our web or facebook sites, or if you join our mailing list you are automatically updated when we offer subscriptions, events and bonuses.





Fresh Produce box pick up details.

Over the colder months, we offer two pick up locations:


We currently offer the following pick up locations and times:

Philip: Sundays 8-11am (Southside Markets, Launceston St, Philip)

Yass: Thursdays 3-4.30 pm (Trader & Co, 92 Meehan St Yass)

Once the spring and summer subscription season has started, we will offer more pick up locations. These will be confirmed closer to the time.

For more detailed information, please see our Terms and Conditions. Please note it is assumed you have read, understood and agree to our terms and Conditions if you purchase a fresh produce box (casual or subscription).

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