Fresh and local seasonal vegetable boxes

Spring 2018 Produce Box subscriptions -  coming soon!

We are excited to announce subscriptions for our weekly spring 2017 season are now open! Our subscriptions run for 12 weeks at a time, starting from mid-late September 2017 (start date will be confirmed closer to the time as it is partially weather dependent). We offer $20 and $40 boxes, depending on your needs. We work to give you a wide variety of seasonal produce and you will generally receive around seven (for $20 box) to 12 (for $40 box) different items. There will often be greater variety in the $40 box because when we have a small number of some items but not enough for all boxes, we will add it to the $40 boxes so they don’t just get double the $20 boxes.

You can order your spring 2017 produce box subscriptions from our online store.